Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good stuff

People who are involved in personal development of any kind do exactly these things. When it first starts, they recognize that they are powerless over their limitations.

This does not mean that there is nothing that can be done about the thing that they want to change. It simply means that, as things stand right now, they don’t have the necessary knowledge or ability to make the change that they want to.

But there’s always hope.

Whatever limitation you are currently powerless over, it’s always possible to find the necessary power if you follow the directions of those that have done what you want to do.

SLD gave me power over my appetite. There was suddenly something that could be done that worked.

But that is the quote that made me provide a link to

I feel so judged and so judged. At the same time, I can’t help that and whatever I think is only that, it’s what I think. It may or may not be true. One the most moving parts of this meeting, was hearing the story of a really strong Israeli woman who has been through so much.


There is no quick fix.

From "
I am so grateful that I survived those days as a young woman struggling in New York City — a walking toothpick, bingeing and vomiting incessantly, sometimes even vomiting blood, depressed and alone, paranoid and afraid, having blackouts and hearing voices as I walked to work. I wanted to live, but I had lost hope and was waiting for death. Instead, I recovered."

My definition of humanity – of being a human being – of the human condition – is that we all have something. Behind our masks, underneath our strategically chosen clothing and in the shadows of our carefully selected words, we all struggle.


Good stuff.


Lyman Reed said...

Thanks for the link to Creating a Better Life. I really like what it says on your blog: "I found serenity through OA, but weight loss through the Shangri La Diet."

I feel the same about AA - it wasn't my end all and be all, but it brought me serenity, and back to a higher power.

Hugh Conway said...

I find twelve step programs are a start, not the finish, to regaining life.