Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fourth and Fifth Steps in OA

Part of a twelve-step program is working the twelve steps. For most programs, many people have real problems with the fourth and fifth steps, which have to do with taking inventory of yourself and making things right. The reason for them is to start to unwind the complex of behaviors, habits and issues that feed addiction.

OA is really different from other twelve step programs at this point. Most alcoholics and drug addicts have been unfaithful to spouses, stolen and lied to support their addictions and done a lot of other things in the grip of their compulsions.

People who overeat have as the most important thing that they get from the fourth and fifth steps is that they should love themselves.

Instead of fear and loathing, most feel relief and joy.


Anonymous said...

Amy said...

yes, and also amends to others because when we are checked out in our food addiction we are not present for our relationships. And dont forget the worry that we can cause because of our obesity.
And the shame and guilt of our addiction that causes us to retreat from our relationships. Dont for a minute think that food addicts don't have amends to make to others.